Georgia Gourmet tour

9 days

Georgians say that they weigh their guests on arrival and when they leave. If the guests have not put on at least 3 kilos a Georgian host will not let them leave! Why so? Because it means that the guests were not eating properly and should be fed more! Ok, do not get too concerned -  it is a joke! Though there is a grain of truth in it:  the country of Georgia is not only famous for its glorious mountains and plentiful valleys but also for outstanding Georgian hospitality, streaming rivers of wine, and rich and delicious cuisine.

We invite you to visit Georgia and not only have an incredible travelling experience but also an exposure to the delightful and tasty side of Georgian life - its food!  


Day 1

Arrival in Tbilisi. Drive to the hotel.

Day 2

Brekfast at the hotel.

Right after breakfast we will take a tour of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. We will see Rustaveli Avenue, Freedom and Meidani Squares, and charming Shardeni Street. We will marvel at the magnificent  Sameba  (Holy Trinity) Cathedral, the biggest Orthodox church in Georgia. Then we will stop by Abanotubani, the neighbourhood of sulphur baths that is located near the old church of Metekhi. We will take a cable car to go to Mtatsminda mountain where the ancient Narikala fortress proudly stands since the 4th century A.D.

We will have lunch at one of the Georgian restaurants in the Old City where for the first time you will encounter the famous Georgian cuisine. Filled with the smell of spices and lively music, and ready to serve many guests at once, Georgian restaurants are a good reflection of Georgia’s vibrant culture of rich social life and enjoyment of its unique and exquisite cuisine.

After lunch you will have free time and your own choice of food for dinner.

Overnight stay in Tbilisi.

Day 3

Brekfast at the hotel.

Today we will visit Mtskheta, the former capital of Georgia. We will stop by the Orthodox cathedral called Svetitskhoveli. Being the main cathedral in Georgia, Svetitskhoveli is also the spiritual symbol of the country where, for centuries in the past, grand coronations and royal funerals were held. Then we will drive up to Jvari Monastery. From there one can admire a beautiful scenery of the two rivers Aragvi and Kura joining together. Jvari is the first site in Georgia that was chosen for protection by UNESCO and is considered to be one of the most remarkable masterpieces of Georgian medieval architecture. It was founded in 545 A.D. Locals say that if you have not visited Mtskheta, you may as well not have been to Georgia at all.

After Jvari we will pay a visit to a Georgian wine-maker who makes organic wine at his winery. We will explore his wine cellar, in Georgian called a "marani", as well as learn about conventions of wine making in Georgia, taste wine and have lunch served in a traditional and cosy Georgian hall with a fireplace. In the evening we will continue our journey all the way to Kazbeqi, one of the historical regions of Georgia. We will drive on the winding Georgian Military Road and see Mount Kazbeqi, the third highest peak in Georgia.

Dinner is not included in the tour programme.

Overnight stay in Kazbeqi.

Day 4

Breakfast at the guest house.

The most part of today we will spend in the mountains. We will drive up to Gergeti and see the legendary church of Holy Trinity that was built in the 14th century. It is located 1800 m (5900 ft.) above sea level so one can admire the gorgeous landscape from above. Nowadays the church belongs to one of the Orthodox monasteries. We will have lunch in Arsh and have khinkali, Georgia’s national and the most beloved meal. You can even ask for a recipe if you absolutely love it and could no longer imagine your life without them!

After that we will drive up to Gudauri, the 2200 m (7217 ft.) high ski resort and then return back to Tbilisi. On the way back we will stop by Ananuri, a fortress that was founded in the beginning of the feudal era in Georgia. From there one can enjoy a picturesque sight of the Zhinval reservoir. The view is indeed a generous gift from Georgia to anyone who loves photography!

Dinner is not included in the tour programme.

Overnight stay in Tbilisi.

Day 5

Breakfast at the hotel.

Today we will head to Kakheti, the cradle of wine in Georgia! Telavi is the capital of Kakheti and is mentioned in the writings of Claudius Ptolemy, a famous Greek geographer who lived in the 2nd century A.D.  During the Golden Age of Georgia in the 12th-13th centuries the city reached its zenith and became the economic and political centre of Georgia. Then its importance began to declineuntil it became just a regular trade city. Telavi is situated in the Alazan valley which is surrounded with the spectacular Caucasus mountains and the beauty of the landscape is a common attraction for tourists. There we will visit Alaverdi cathedral, the second biggest cathedral in Georgia. It was built in the 2d century A.D.

Then we proceed to "Shumi" winery and learn how Georgians make wine on a production-scale. In fact, in Georgian "shumi" means "the best wine". Here they produce almost every variety of wine that one can come across in Georgia. Also there is a museum there that holds an impressive wine collection. There are 294 grape varieties that grow in Georgia and 92 varieties that grow elsewhere - all of those at one point were used for making wine that now belongs to the museum collection. However, nowadays only 15 varieties of wine are used for commercial production. Also there we will look at various ancient tools for wine-making, such as wrings and presses, clay jars for preserving wine, and other equipment. There we will also enjoy wine tasting and have a delicious lunch. In the evening we will head to Sighnaghi also known as "the town of love".

Dinner is not included in the tour programme.

Overnight stay in Sighnaghi.

Day 6

Breakfast at the guest house.

We will explore Sighnaghi on foot and meander through its labyrinth of narrow, cosy streets. Sighnaghi is a lovely charming town that is situated on the top of a hill and so naturally has a fantastic view over the Alazani valley. When the air is clear then far away in the north you can spot Mount Kazbeqi. Sighnaghi has 23 towers and 6 gates and there is also a city wall that was built in the 18th century. It is impossible to resistsetting a foot on the wall or having a wander around the town. We will pop into the house-museum of Niko Pirosmanishvili, an artist whose 16 paintings are still kept there.

We will be served lunch at a restaurant with a spectacular view over the Alazani valley. This surely will make you even more hungry! Also we may have the chance to listen to the local music band that likes to dine there. In that case, you will not only be treated to amazing food but also to the slow and sad folk songs or rousing melodies of the highlanders. After lunch we will visit Bodbis Monastery (9th century) where the relics of St Nino, a Georgian saint and educator who died there in 347, are preserved and revered. Nearby the monastery there is a miraculous spring that, according to legend, appeared after St Nino's prayed and gives health to those who bathe or dip themselves in its holy waters.

Return to Tbilisi. Free time. Dinner is not included in the tour programme.

Overnight stay in Tbilisi.

Day 7

Breakfast at the hotel. 

Today we will travel to Imereti, a region in the west of Georgia. On the way there we will stop by Uplistsikhe, a fascinating cave city with three thousand years of history. We will explore houses, royal rooms, theatres and finish with a walk through the tunnels that lead straight to the river. Then we will pay a visit to Gori, the home town of Joseph Stalin, where we will stop by his museum. There we will see his personal train car and a small wooden house where the future dictator was born and spent his first 4 years of life.

Lunch is not included in the tour programme.

After lunch we will proceed to Kutaisi, the second biggest city in Georgia. Kutaisi is situated in the valley of the Rioni river and has at least a thousand years of history. The Rioni river is mentioned in the Greek myths about the Golden Fleece. In fact, it is not by chance because in that very river the local people used to mine for gold. We will top up this fantastic day with a dinner in a hospitable Georgian house where the hostess will serve us her most delicious food and the host will treat us to his sophisticated and witty Caucasian toasts.

Overnight stay in Kutaisi

Day 8

Breakfast at the hotel.

Today we will head to Gelati Monastery that once upon a time was a cultural and religious centre of Georgia. It was founded and built by the famous Georgian king David the Builder in 1106. It rests on a hill and looks over the valley of the river Tsqal-Tsitela. If you drive 10 km (6 miles) away from Kutaisi you fill find a nature reserve called Satapli. It has remarkablecaves with thousands of stalagmites and stalactites. The caves were discovered in 1925 by Petre Chabukiani and there he found the traces of the dinosaurs. In fact, the scientist found the caves by a mere accident when he was tracing a stream that finally led him to a crack. The way the caves are shaped is quite remarkable! Sometimes the walls look like some strange animals or a character from a fairy tale. Then we will climb up to the mountain and get an adrenaline rush while standing on a thick glass platform that stretches over the abyss.

Lunch is not included in the tour programme.

Return to Tbilisi. We will crown our journey with a festive gala-dinner in a Georgian restaurant. While eating khinkali, mtsvadi (barbecue meat), and various salads and drinking gentle wine and fiery chacha we will have chance to appreciate brilliant Georgian dancing performed for us by a traditional dance ensemble.

Overnight stay in Tbilisi

Day 9

Breakfast at the hotel. Ride to the airport or train station. Return home.


Price per person (depends on how many people are taking the tour):  



12 persons

490 USD

14 persons

465 USD

16 persons

445 USD


The price covers:

  • Professional guide service in English language;
  • Transportation (ride from/to the airport, rides during the tour);
  • Overnight stay at a three star hotel in Tbilisi (5 nights, two persons room), guest house in Kazbeqi (1 night), guest house in Kutaisi (1 night), guest house in Sighnaghi (1 night). Breakfast is included. Tours are according to the programme;

  • Food— lunch (without wine) at a Georgian restaurant ( days 1, 3, 5), wine tasting and lunch in a winery;
  • (days 2, 4), dinner with wine in a Georgian house (day 6), dinner with wine and traditional music performance (day 7).

The price does not cover:

  • Tickets for the museums;
  • Food (that is not mentioned in the description of the tour);
  • Medical insurance.

Additional expenses:

Item or event


Cable car in Tbilisi (one direction)


Muesum Pirosmani


4x4 ride up to Mount Gergeti for 4 and more people (price per person)

10 GEL

4x4 ride up to Mount Gergeti for 2 people (price per person)

20 GEL

Cave town Uplistsikhe


Stalin Museum

15 GEL

Sataplia nature reserve



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