3 days Armenia - The four peaks of Mt. Aragats

If you are visiting Armenia and would love to see the country from a different point of view we invite you to join our 3 day trip to the mountains of Armenia. There you will get the chance to see the four peaks of Aragats, an extinct volcano, while camping at the shores of a crystal clear lake. Are you ready to go?

1 day Georgia - Paragliding among the peaks of the Caucasus mountains

Get a bird’s eye view of the Caucasus Mountains and enjoy stunning landscapes unrolling far down under your feet. Let the experienced pilot take care of your safety. Make your childhood dream of flying come true! We offer paragliding near Gudauri and Stepantsminda within the sight of mount Kazbegi. Thanks to of good weather and unique landscapes it is probably one of the best places for paragliding in the whole world!

1 day Georgia - Rafting on the White Aragvi River

If you want to enjoy Georgia to the full we invite you to join an incredible experience rafting on the White Aragvi River. You will be sure to see some stunning landscapes and get your share of an adrenaline rush!

1 day Georgia - Rafting on the Mtkvari River (Kura)

When you have experienced rafting for beginners and you are up for a new challenge it is time to explore Mtkvari (Kura) River, one of the longest rivers in Georgia. The River Kura is considered to be the borderline that divides Europe and Asia. Come in spring when the waters are rapid and full! Even if you are an experienced rafter you will enjoy the challenge!

1 day Georgia - Rafting on the Rioni River from Oni to Ambrolauri

Rafting on Georgian rivers will be interesting not just for beginners but also for those who love sophisticated moutain rivers! The grade of Rioni River changes with the seasons and water level so you can pick and plan an ideal rafting experience for you!

4 days Georgia - Hiking in the mountains around Betlemi hut

Let's dream! Imagine a clear night sky full of billions of twinkling stars...Or a night with a full moon up above and the silhouettes of mountain peaks right around you. Or a day full of adventures crossing the rapid mountain streams and admiring stunning landscapes around you. Come to Georgia and live out those dreams!

Pick any days you like, from June through October

1 day Georgia - Rafting on the Pshavi Aragvi River

Rafting is always an incredbile adventure, especially if you are going downhill! Treat yourself and your loved ones with an amazing and action-packed day of rafting!

4 days Georgia - Trekking tour in Khevsureti and Stepatsminda

If you have ever been to the mountains you would most certaintly want to go back and admire the snowy mountain peaks again and again. If even thinking about mountains makes you happy the time has come for you to explore the tracks and paths of the Caucasus mountains.

Pick any days you like, from June through October

1 day Georgia - Rafting on the Rioni River – the Tvishi Gorge

Have you ever dreamt of rafting on a rapid mountain river with vertical cliffs on both banks of the river? If yes, then it is time for you to experience rafting on the Rioni River that flows through the Tvishi Gorge!

6 days Georgia - Svaneti for experienced riders

The Svaneti mountains will instantly charm you with their alpine meadows, snow-capped mountain peaks, rapid streams, and ancient legends that come to life there. If you are an experienced horse rider we invite you to explore Svaneti during our 6 day journey where every day we would cover about 25 km (15.5 miles).

Pick any days you like, from May through September

1 day Georgia - One day trip exploring Svaneti by 4x4 jeep

Up in the mountains lies a different world full of mysteries, charm, adventure, and  infinite beauty. But nowadays everyone can discover this world and admire the mountain tops. And it does not have to be an exhausting hours-long hike!  One can always travel in the mountains by powerful 4x4 jeep. And of course there is always an option to combine driving and hiking in order to visit remove and hidden areas!

Pick any days you like, from May through September

5 days Georgia - Five day hike up in the mountains of Svaneti

Quaint and charming mountain villages, rapid rivers, waterfalls, springs, and snow-capped mountains are waiting for you. Welcome to Svaneti - a highland region of Georgia. Enjoy leisurely hiking up in the mountains!

Pick any days you like, from June through October

5 days Georgia - Enjoy the serenety of Svaneti landscapes on horse back

Have you ever dreamt about wild mountain landscapes and graceful horses grazing at the alpine meadows? That dream can come true in Svaneti! In this beautiful highland region of Georgia, you can explore a unique and unforgettable place  from the saddle of a horse!  

Pick any days you like, from May through September  

11 days Armenia - Biking through the lands of Armenia

Biking by the shores of Lake Sevan, old monasteries, ancient pagan temples, the Caucasus mountains and its valleys and rivers, and picturesque towns, you will enjoy exploring Armenia, one of the cradles of world civilization, in a more active manner!

From May through October