Sairme 3* resort “Sairme”

What could possibly match up to spending holidays with your family? “Sairme” resort would be happy to welcome families! At our place even the little family members would enjoy the holidays and feel there at home!

Price: Standard double room starting from 69 USD per day.


Sairme Spa Resort” is located south of Kutaisi 1000 m above sea level. Coniferous and broadleaved woods, fresh mountain air, mineral and thermal water make this place a great spot for those who want to improve and recover their body and soul energy. Sairme water is known since the end of 19th century. People say that Sairme water was discovered by two hunters who were chasing a wounded deer. The spring water when coming out of the ground was leaving rusty tracks on the rocks around and making them almost crimson color. And the ground around was white because of salt. The herds of deer would come there to drink mineral water and lick the salt. Because there were so many deer the area was named Sairme which in Georgian means "Deer country" from Georgian "iremi" for "deer".

There are calcium-rich springs that are good for treating issues of the skeletal system, liver and kidney dysfunctions, cardiovascular and nervous system disorders as well as for fortifying the immune system.

The resort is unique both because of its equipment and thermal waters that have a special chemical formula and do not contain radon. The thermal spring there comes from 1500 underground and its temperature is 43C. Sairme resort is not only a number one resort in Georgia with its unique resources and facilities but also ranks among the top five similar resorts internationally!

The resort takes in a vast territory where it accommodates 150 comfortable guestrooms, a cozy dining room, and an up to date clinic , and convalescent center with labs and doctors' offices where visitors can access various kinds of medical services and spa procedures.

 Services and hotel:

The rooms have a terrace, a phone and Wi-Fi coverage, an AC, a cable television and a flat screen TV, toiletries, a toilet and a bathroom. The restaurant “Opera” one can enjoy both traditional Georgian as well as European cuisine.

Also there are a conference hall for business meetings or parties, recreational center with children's playground, billiard, chess, backgammon, computer games, shooting gallery, ping pong and trampoline, and a lovely garden where one can enjoy leisure walks and fresh mountain air, karaoke, movie nights on the terrace.

The resort focuses:

On treating dermatological problems, cardiovascular and nerve diseases, musculoskeletal system disorders, gynecological and urological conditions, diabetes.

In the health center:

  • “Quiet” mineral baths,
  • Colon cleansing therapy,
  • Underwater massage,
  • Stimulation current therapy,
  • Massages,
  • Jet douche,
  • Swimming pool,
  • Fitness.

  On customers request we are able to provide comfortable airport transfers and additional tours and excursions of any complexity. For further information please contact us.

*Tour agencies are welcome to contact us.



The price includes:

  • All meals;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Accommodation in a standard double room for two people;
  • A doctor' s consultation.



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