11 days Armenia - Voices of the history in the Aragats mountains, towns and people

The former territory of Armenia is the place where once upon a time Noah parked his ark. There are lots of archeological findings and excavations in Armenia that show that from time immemorial there were ancient cultures and civilizations. Here is the mighty and beautiful Lake Sevan and the stunning Caucasian mountains that are filled with the charming sounds of duduk.

3 days Armenia - The four peaks of Mt. Aragats

If you are visiting Armenia and would love to see the country from a different point of view we invite you to join our 3 day trip to the mountains of Armenia. There you will get the chance to see the four peaks of Aragats, an extinct volcano, while camping at the shores of a crystal clear lake. Are you ready to go?

11 days Armenia - Biking through the lands of Armenia

Biking by the shores of Lake Sevan, old monasteries, ancient pagan temples, the Caucasus mountains and its valleys and rivers, and picturesque towns, you will enjoy exploring Armenia, one of the cradles of world civilization, in a more active manner!

From May through October